Principal Investigator

Barbara Knowlton, Ph.D.

Barbara Knowlton’s cv

Barbara received her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Stanford University where she studied the neural circuit supporting eyeblink conditioning in Richard Thompson’s lab. She went on to do a post-doc at UC San Diego with Larry Squire, investigating memory systems involved in category learning. Since joining the UCLA faculty in 1995 she has studied the neural basis of habits, skills, and episodic memory.

Graduate Students 

Saskia Giebl

Saskia is a 2nd-year graduate student and interested in cognitive processes that enhance long-term learning and transfer of knowledge to new circumstances in the classroom and in sports



Julia Schorn

Julia is a 4th-year cognitive neuroscience graduate student interested in implicit memory, metacognition, and factors supporting successful learning. She is currently working on projects regarding value-directed-remembering mechanisms in aging and implicit priors influencing decision-making. She is also part of the Behavioral Health & Performance Lab at NASA Johnson Space Center where she assists on projects relating to the cognitive effects of spaceflight and team performance in space. 


Alex Gordon



Dillon Murphy

My research interests include memory capacity (both long-term and working memory), selectivity in learning and memory, false or distorted memories, metacognition, attention, intelligence, and how these things change over the course of life. Additionally, I am interested in many applied aspects of learning and memory.


Henri De Guzman

Henri is studying the neural mechanisms of learning and memory using both human and non-human animal models of behavior combined with modern neuroscience techniques such as functional magnetic resonance imaging or optogenetics. His interests include habit formation, addiction, and psychiatric illness, with particular interest in the neural processes of the basal ganglia


Corinna Franco

Corinna is a third-year graduate student interested in understanding the neural mechanisms of learning and memory, focusing on habit learning, aging, stress, and diversity/representation, through various imaging methods (e.g. fMRI, diffusion). She is currently exploring the relationships between early life stress, acute stress, and habit learning among young adults, with future plans to examine these relations across the lifespan.


Stephanie Wert

Stephanie Wert’s CV

Stephanie is a second-year cognitive neuroscience graduate student studying the neural mechanisms of learning, memory, and decision making. She is interested in using neuroimaging, brain stimulation, and eye-tracking techniques to elucidate causal mechanisms behind these functions in humans.


 Sonya Ashikyan       

Sonya is a first-year cognitive neuroscience graduate student investigating the neural correlates of consciousness, reasoning, memory, and language. She utilizes human neuroimaging, neuromodulation, and animal models for both basic and clinical topics.








Alumni (2012 – 2020)

Current Position Current Institution
Natasha Fourquet Assistant Professor Northern Virginia Community College
Tara Patterson Post-doc fellow, Dept. of Psychiatry UCLA Medical Center
Renee Shimizu Post-doc fellow Teledyne Scientific and Imaging
Michael Cohen Post-doc fellow, Dept. of Psychology University of Pennsylvania
Michael Vendetti Usability Researcher Oracle Corporation
Dana Wagshal Waltzman Behavioral Scientist Centers for Disease Control
Chien-Ho Lin Adjunct Assistant Professor National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
Joseph Hennessee Post-doctoral Fellow University of Texas at Dallas
Alex Siegel Post-doctoral Fellow University of Southern California
Vaibhav Thakur