May 2018: Congratulations to Julia Schorn for receiving a Graduate Research Mentorship Award from UCLA.

May 2018: Several lab members attended the 30th Annual Meeting of the Association for Psychological Science Meeting in San Francisco. (Click on pictures to see details)

June 2018: Congratulations to Joseph Hennessee, our newest Ph.D.

July 2018: The lab received a grant from the NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse on “The Effects of Early-Life Stress on the Neural Mechanisms Supporting Instrumental Behavior”

September 2018: Welcome Alex Gordon, our new Grad student!

November 2018: Vaibhav Thakur and Julia Schorn presented posters at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting in San Diego and the Psychonomic Society Meeting in New Orleans


March 2019: Vaibhav Thakur presented data examining perceptual decision-making in patients with different subtypes of Parkinson’s Disease at the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society in San Francisco.

May 2019: Julia Schorn presented her work on interleaved practice of implicitly learned sequences and transfer to new sequences at the Association for Psychological Science Meeting in Washington, DC.

August 2019: Alex Gordon gave a talk on early-life stress and instrumental learning at the Bay Area Memory Meeting at San Jose State, which was hosted by lab alum Valerie Carr.

September 2019: Welcome to Vaibhav Thakur, who enrolled in the UCLA Psychology Graduate Program

November 2019: Several lab members and alumni were at the Psychonomic Society Meeting in Montreal.

Tara Patterson presented a poster showing that when information is highly imageable and easy to encode, there is little prioritizing of high value over low value information in memory



Winter/Spring 2020: Congratulations to Henri De Guzman, who was accepted into the UCLA Psychology Research Opportunity Program for Winter/Spring 2020

Summer 2020: Julia Schorn presented her work on memory for incidental details in older adults at the 2020 Association for Psychological Science Virtual Poster Showcase

July 2020: Julia Schorn presented her work on a Bayesian Sequential Learning Model of the effects of contextual interference on motor sequence learning.

September 2020: Welcome our newest graduate students, Henri de Guzman from UCLA and Corinna Franco from UC Riverside.